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Voting Gone Viral

Join our campaign kicking off 10/18!

What is it?

One of the biggest ways we can all make an impact on the election is by bringing a #plus1 to the polls. Motivating others to vote is a crucial and incredibly doable form of activism, and every vote counts as we approach the most important election of our lifetimes. Young people are consistently the least likely to turn out to vote, and we’re going to change that. We are asking creators to make a TikTok about voting using our sound and tag 3 of their #plus1’s to do the same. 

The Ask

  1. Make a TikTok using our original sound - VOTE [LINK] and post it on October 18th.

  2. Tag 3 friends to do the Plus1 challenge and ask them to join the challenge or do a duet

  3. Post our voting resources link in your profile until November 4th

  4. Change your profile pic to a VOTE face pic using our Instagram FILTER [LINK]

Suggested Caption

Will you vote with me? Who’s your #plus1 @___ @___ @___? #tokthevote

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 10.01.10

Last step: celebrate!

RSVP to an exclusive Zoom with a special guest using the link to your campaign video!

Event is at 8:00 PM on 10/18.

Make sure you're signed up to tune in to the rest of the Tok the Vote Week of Action!

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