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Hey there, superstar!

Join creators around the nation to help change the world with our #TokTheVote Registration Campaign, and let’s help Gen Z set some young voter turnout records!

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What is Tok the Vote?

Tok the Vote is a coalition of creators united with the common goal of engaging Gen Z in the voting process and increasing youth voter turnout.

Why is the #TokTheVote Registration Campaign important?

Voter registration is way down for 2020 - - and we mean WAY down -- due to COVID-19. Opportunities to push young first time voters to register have become few and far between because of in-person event cancellations (like prom, graduation, and similar large gatherings). Tok the Vote is going to change that! 

Am I posting on my page or the Tok the Vote page?

You'll post on your own page the #TokTheVote hashtag, but Tok the Vote will be reposting top performing videos!

What’s in it for me?

Knowing that you are making history by being in the first mass registration campaign on TIkTok and making a huge impact on helping Gen Z change the world through voting. We will send out follow up emails about how many people your page video(s) page drives to our registration portal.


When is the campaign?

Our registration campaign is September 11th - 13th. You know when your content performs best, so choose anytime Friday morning to Saturday night to post your #TokTheVote masterpiece!

Can I still be involved if I'm not old enough to vote?

Yes! We're looking to drive followers to get registered to vote, but there is no age requirement to submit for and participate in this campaign. (Plus -- even if you're not old enough to vote, you can still volunteer at the polls! Check out Power the Polls to get involved).

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