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Sign up to join the coalition and stay up to date on all things Tok The Vote!

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Fill out the address fields if you want to get some "thank you" merch!


Does it matter how many followers I have?

No! We care way more about your enthusiasm for getting Gen Z registered to vote and being involved in the political process. Smaller accounts tend to have the most engaged audiences - apply regardless of your follower account!

If I sign up, what will I have to do?

We have tons of opportunities to get involved, from posting about National Voter Registration Day to joining Zoom calls with fellow creators brainstorming how to guide Gen Z through the voting process. We're looking for people who want to make a difference in this election and are willing to use their platform to do so! 

Can I still be involved if I'm not old enough to vote?

Yes! We're looking to drive followers to get registered to vote, but there is no age requirement to submit for and participate in this campaign. (Plus -- even if you're not old enough to vote, you can still volunteer at the polls! Check out Power the Polls to get involved!)

Why are you asking for my shipping address?

Everyone in our creator coalition gets some free Tok the Vote merch! We'll pop that in the mail (USPS, duh -- we support the postal system!) and send it to everyone who signs up to join the campaign!

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